Help us help the planet and reduce waste at Festival Italiano.

Waste minimisation and Recycling: We will have separate bins for recycling, food waste and general waste, and waste educators at every bin station to help you with recycling, dispose all rubbish in the right bins, and offer advice. Any waste produced at the event will be monitored by our sanitation contractor from the event to the waste stations.

Plastic: The Festival team has abolished balloons and plastic trinkets several years ago, and all stall holders are invited to use only compostable and biodegradable plates, cutlery, cups etc. to serve food and drinks. We praise stalls who choose eco packaging for their products.

Food waste: Fortunately our food is so good that we don’t have a problem with food waste, however, we invite patrons to respect food, take home any uneaten food for later, and clear the communal dining area after eating.

Travel: Festival Italiano is just two minutes walk from Newmarket Train Station, plus there are a lot of buses serving the area. We encourage patrons to use public transport on the day.

Thank you all for helping us making the event environmentally friendly.